Formerly known as Octave Hire & Octave Classics
Classic Instrument & Equipment Hire. Studio Refurbishing, Design & Building

Together with The Service Zone A combination of two companies with long histories in the Music Industry. A much needed facility for devotees of Classic Musical Instruments etc.

Our prime directive is to Maintain & Restore all that is Good in Music Technology.
So much has been lost or ruined. Both old & new.

In Central London & the Heart of England. An Integrated U.K. Wide Service.

HHC. People
Why Not Hire a Classic Whilst We Service or Restore Yours?

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For Tuning, Service & Repairs etc. call: +44 (0)207 288 0037

E-Mail us for hire, repairs, orders etc.

A Hammond Hire Company B3 & 122 Leslies were chosen for Jimmy Smith's last ever British concert in Wigan.

Edited 18-7-10. Ron Lebar, Author.